Leipzig is fantastzig !!

From the figures and information we received, the German canine organisation could well be meritoriously rewarded for their kind offer to take over the organisation of this year’s FCI General Assembly and World Dog Show.

The dishes on the menu offered in Leipzig are very promising and impressive: that will be the year of all records.

The “Canine Week” in Leipzig will start with the FCI General Assembly to be held on 6-7 November 2017.

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Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
Effects of maternal investment, temperament, and cognition on guide dog success
A successful guide dog must navigate a complex world, avoid distractions, and respond adaptively to unpredictable events. What leads to success? We followed 98 puppies from birth to adulthood.
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World’s biggest dog show in Leipzig
The preparations are already in full swing – the world’s biggest dog show will run for four days at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre.
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Dogs Are Unique, Let’s Celebrate Them!
October 4th - World Animal Day - is in the calendar of many organisations related to animals. Some of them use it for raising awareness with protests on different sort of animal welfare and protection problems, some of them use an absolutely different approach.
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The dog as a ghostly figure - the myth of the black dog
Old Europe is full of both ghostly apparitions and myths born out of things that the people who lived in ancient times saw in real life, but which then passed into legend.
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Eukanuba – The right nutrition at the right age
While our nutritional needs have been shaped over millions of years, our knowledge about how our bodies should be optimally fueled has grown exponentially in much more recent times.
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News from the FCI commissions

It's a wonderful world !
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