Leipzig is fantastzig !!

From the figures and information we received, the German canine organisation could well be meritoriously rewarded for their kind offer to take over the organisation of this year’s FCI General Assembly and World Dog Show.

The dishes on the menu offered in Leipzig are very promising and impressive: that will be the year of all records.

The “Canine Week” in Leipzig will start with the FCI General Assembly to be held on 6-7 November 2017.

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Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
Eukanuba – The right nutrition at the right age

While our nutritional needs have been shaped over millions of years, our knowledge about how our bodies should be optimally fueled has grown exponentially in much more recent times.

Scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs have allowed us to observe the intricacies of nutrition, meaning we’ve been able to hone and adapt our food intake to maximise health benefits.

Look at how our diet changes as we age. We easily accept that babies and young children benefit from calcium – a crucial part of their early life development. As we turn into adults, our diet becomes more varied to suit our varied lifestyles. Likewise, as we mature, we benefit from increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids derived from oily fish.

So why don’t we simply take the same dietary approach with our dogs? Nutrition and exercise play a key role in maintaining a lean body weight to ensure your dog stays in good shape and enjoys an active life at every stage of his life.
And as different-sized dogs have different nutritional needs, Eukanuba has designed products that are specially tailored for toy, small, medium and large dogs of all ages; they have been customised to satisfy the different nutritional requirements of specific breeds, different lifestyles, those with sensitivities that require more support of their health.
Eukanuba now offers over 40 tailored diets, with more being added all the time such as the NaturePlus+ Wheat Free recipes which contain natural wholesome ingredients.
Since 1969, Eukanuba has been a leader in trusted nutrition. We believe nutrition should be tailored to the life stage of each dog, with the benefits of a high quality diet visible to owners.

Based on a foundation of good quality protein – one of the key ingredients for a healthy pet – and other clinically proven ingredients, our nutrition will help you see health benefits that last a lifetime. Find out more about Eukanuba’s tailored diets at www.eukanuba.eu